Our Mission

To improve telecom companies’ operational efficiency with smart backup power solutions.

Our Story

Autonom is a company based in Montreal, Canada. Our team was founded by two electrical engineers graduated from Polytechnique Montreal with years of experience in the design of electric cars and lithium battery packs for automotive. Starting from a blank page, we design our products using the latest technologies and best power conversion architectures to provide our clients with high-end compact battery backup systems that help them grow and upgrade their services. 

Our Values


We provide solutions that are just like us: tireless and non-invasive.


We believe in collective success and we always do our best to serve our clients’ interests.


We love challenges and we don’t shy away from innovative concepts. Plus we are a young company, so fresh ideas and orientations are our daily bread.


Our products are assembled locally and designed to last as long as possible, thus minimizing our ecological footprint.

Our Team

Rakesh has years of experience in the telecommunications industry, having served in high-level positions for several Indian telecom companies.

Colin has recently joined our marketing team. His areas of interest cover public relations and Energy issues.


Our Achievements

This has been Autonom’s successful journey so far, and we are looking forward to keep it going!