Smart Battery for Small Cellular Sites –

Low-powered cellular radio access nodes

Product features

Water protection. AutoNod is a rugged battery, designed for outdoor conditions. Its electronic components are covered with a conformal coating that protects them from damaging elements such as bugs, dust and especially water.

Thanks to their dedicated coating, our electronic circuits are completely waterproof.

Convection cooled.

Convection movements of the air passing through the battery’s vents help to cool the device.

Battery selection. We constantly test various cells in Autonom’s R&D center to ensure that our products will provide long-lasting performance.

Battery management. By carefully controlling the batteries’ charge and the discharge, Autonom’s battery management algorithms minimize the cells’ degradation, while maximizing safety.

Circuit protection. AutoNod is protected from input power spikes, lightning, under-voltage, short-circuit & overcurrent and excessive heat. Also, redundant checks prevent the battery to enter overvoltage and over-discharge states, which would cause accelerated degradation.

Smart remote monitoring. AutoNod is equipped with a data transmission system connected to a cloud which in turn processes the battery’s data into valuable insights for the operator.

All insights on the battery network are easily available on a web-based platform

Technical characteristics:

We are currently in the prototyping phase for this application, therefore we cannot communicate general specifications. Nevertheless, we invite you to contact us if you want some insights or just ask a few questions.