Current Challenges

Cellular sites are critical infrastructures. Not only do they make emergency calls possible but telecom companies also lose a lot of revenue when they are down. Reliability of power backup systems is therefore essential, all the more since existing solutions are often outdated and still require human interventions.

Heavy maintenance

High costs, high uncertainty

Bulky, shortlife

Upcoming Challenges

Mobile and internet operators are preparing the arrival of the 5G, which will be a massive game-changer if only infrastructures are ready. Notably, 5G will require small cellular sites (small cells) to be deployed everywhere in urban areas, including on unusual spots such as traffic lights or lampposts. In that perspective, small cells will radically differ from previous cellular sites in terms of size and connectivity. There is little doubt that power backup systems will have to evolve accordingly.

Size will be smaller

Number of sites will be increased

Will have to fit into an urban landscape

How can we help ?

Remote Monitoring Technology

Autonom’s batteries incorporate cloud-based remote diagnostics that greatly reduce maintenance costs. Our battery tests itself and transfers its data to an accessible web-based dashboard. This simple setup is easy to operate and offers better planning and management tools.

Self-testing, maintenance-free device

Low cost of ownership

Easy to install

Autonom’s remote management in a nutshell

Lithium-ion technology

We provide small and compact batteries that, while being highly efficient and resilient, free up to 50% of space. Our all-in-one device is installed in a blink of an eye and its peerless aesthetic design is the perfect fit for urban camouflage. Last but not least, the lithium-technology that we use ensure a higher lifespan than alternatives.

Small footprint

Aesthetically appealing

Long-life product