Connectivity solution for any kind of battery

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AutonoB tech specs snapshot

DescriptionRemote monitoring piggy back for regular 12V batteries
ConnectivityGPRS (NB-IoT customizable)

How does it work?

Step 1. Autonom’s expertise makes it possible for the battery to automatically send its information via cellular connectivity, using 2G/3G/4G/5G coverage.
Step 2. On a cloud-computing platform, the battery’s raw information is analyzed and processed into meaningful insights.
Step 3. Voltage, temperature, location, available runtime of each and every battery of the network are made easily available for the operator.

Product features

Communication module: AutonoB consists of a single, tiny component. That’s it. Small is beautiful.

Web platform: Operators have 24/7 access to meaningful insights on the battery’s infrastructure. On-site testing is no longer required since information are displayed on your computer or smartphone.

Alert notifications: Send alerts via e-mail / SMS to operators when attention is needed.

Universality: AutonoB is virtually compatible with any kind of battery / UPS. Plug it on and that’s it!